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You probably didn’t know that 2,274 teens have died so far this year as a result of gun violence. This is why we fight. Our founder, Rahul Aggarwal created Our Safety USA because “Somehow, it seems as if every time you turn on the news, you are bound to receive a snippet of information that relates to gun violence. Gun violence’s nature is ubiquitous with its dangers and countless occurrences. Unfortunately, legislation has been ineffective when dealing with this issue because of special interests, money involvement, and the rigid divide between parties. Therefore, Our Safety ignores politics and embraces science and reasoning. We hope to educate the public on the sources of gun violence and the reason it imbues society.” Rahul’s founding beliefs for the organization allow for progress to be made and fosters an inclusive environment for anyone looking for change.

In recent years, gun violence has become an issue that students throughout the country are forced to confront on a regular basis, whether it is though routine lockdown drills or social media threats. After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, teenagers fresh out of a tragedy turned their pain into a movement. March For Our Lives is a nation wide movement that inspired Americans to get active and fight for a safer country. Our Safety USA aims to follow in its footsteps, bringing activism to a more local level and building leaders from the ground up.

We hope to provide communities with the opportunity to become more involved and aware of issues regarding gun violence through media campaigns, press, events, forums, and public speeches. Spreading awareness of the prevalence and severity of gun violence is the first step in moving Americans to work towards reform. As current high school students, we offer insight into how the next generation views gun safety. Our Safety USA aims to use this insight to invite more students to recall their fervor for protecting their lives when the March For Our Lives movement first began, and direct this passion towards supporting concrete solutions to the many issues of gun violence. As new technology, such as bump stocks and 3-D printed firearms, are created, the easier it becomes for active shooters to commit harm, and the more lives they can take. While advancement of technology may often appear to be the culprit of firearm dangers, technology can also be used to develop safer firearms to reduce deaths as a result of guns. By supporting companies that are devoted to such technology, Our Safety USA aims to ultimately help communities be secure.

On You Probably Didn’t Know, we hope to avoid spreading misinformation, and instead, keep the public aware of the many layers and complexities involved in gun violence. This conversation is one that can only move forward by acknowledging all sides to every story, with the goal to eventually see America become a safer place for children of the future to grow and thrive.



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