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Lets Talk About 3D Guns

You probably didn’t know that Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed, began selling blueprints for 3D printed guns in August 2018. He allows any customer to name their price and ships or emails them the blueprints; Wilson is determined to make such information available to anyone and everyone. Some may deem this to be a noble pursuit, while others may question how the government allows for this-- in fact, the only reason Wilson ended up selling the blueprints rather than simply posting them online was because of a court order. Most of these blueprints are for receivers, which are the frames of a gun, but it is the potential for a fully 3D printed gun that worries critics. The gun called The Liberator is as close as the company has come to such a gun. Designed in 2013, it is all plastic except for the firing pin, which requires a steel nail. While the blueprints do not necessarily mean that someone can simply obtain a 3D printer and immediately have direct access to a firearm, it makes guns so much more accessible. 3D printed guns have spiked worry in many because an important detail is excluded from these guns: a serial number. A firearm without a serial number can’t be traced back to its buyer, making it harder for law enforcement to bring justice to shootings, like they did in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing. It doesn’t make sense that an individual can serve up to ten years for removing a serial number from a gun, but yet it is completely legal to carry one made without it. This creates a massive safety loophole and makes it harder to solve gun violence.




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